Teaching team:



Holds M.Tech. form Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (Dept of Space ), and over 15 years of experience in the field Geographical information systems and Satellite remote sensing . He has keen interest in scientific activities and loves to impart quality education to children. His vast experience of different countries and keen observation of different type of syllabus and trends in world education has been very helpful in program design .


Dr. Ruma

She is trained as planner from School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi, whoch she has further specialized in her doctoral thesis, She has led several multidisciplinary teams in the field of information technology and implementation of other technologies as well. While serving at different positions. She is passionate about recent advances in education and wants to bring it to Indian kids.


Abhay Tiwari

Abhay Tiwari: A Bachelor in Mathematics and Physics and MCA, Abhay is a micro-certified professional. He has an experience of arround 7 years as a programmer. His interest in teaching the programming to Children is what brings him to join Michigan Valley Education, whereby he is teaching the programming basics using Syallabus from UK.

team member

Ramnivash Singh

He holds MCA and computers are everything to him, he spends maximum time in front of computers Exploring , the new areas and working on how to solve different problems through different ways . He is very humble and polite while explaining the problems again and again.



Five years experience in Electronics, IT and IT Anuj enjoys learning electronics and imparting the same to children. A teaching support and marketing hand of Michigan Valley Education.

Marketing team:



An MBA from VIIT, Mohit is an highly enthusiastic Marketing person with an urdent urge to spread the scientific awareness. He is himself a fast learner and active participant in Exhibitions and programs of the institution.

Ashish Mishra

having a teaching experience of 8 years, Ashish is a B. Com Honours graduate, PGDBM and CA finalist and a good marketing skills is passionate about spreading the Scientific Education in Schools with a motto of learning by doing.

Jyoti Snotra

comming soon..

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