Dr. Dipshikha

Dr. Dipshikha Chakravortty

Dr. Dipshikha Chakravortty a renowned Scientist, is serving as Professor Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology in IISC Bangalore. She is doing research on Infectious diseases and behavior of pathogens responsible for it. Like Typhoid, which is a major cause of infant mortality globally.Among her several successful Research works one of the most important is developing of alternative method of drug delivery in place of injections, because contaminated injections are responsible for killing millions of people globally every year. She worked as a biologist in a team of aerospace engineers and cell biologist.
Out of her Passion for Science she has agreed to mentor Michigan Valley education towards spreading the awareness of Science.


Dr. Garima

An eminent partitioning Psychologist and educationist, had helped us in designing the courses, as per the requirement of different age groups. She also trained the teaching staff to handle the requirement of children in most scientific ways.

Rahul Gupta

Prof. Dr. Rahul Gupta

An educationalist teaching in Management School mentored us in arranging our Science Exhibitions and course Curriculum.

Prof. Misra

Prof. Bijayanad Mishra

An eminent Internationally known planner and a visiting Faculty in School of Planning and Architecture. He is also in advisory role with several organizations has supported us in designing the curriculum.

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