June 2018

In the Month of June following topics were covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:


Discussion Series:

Discussion on basic fundamentals of physics like force, pressure, power, work. Explained how speedometer of aero plane and Car works.

Discussion on Chemistry topics of atoms. Founder of atom, Subatomic particles. Explained different types of bonding.

Discussion on Indian Space mission:

What is space program? The objectives of Indian space program. Different lanuches of satellite- INSAT, IRS, PSLV etc. The Satellite made by students. The description of Orbits, the Parts of satellites, the force by which satellite moves etc. The FSS, Direct to consumers and Mobile communications are discussed


Making Aero plane


  1. Google Contest

Discussion on the different topics of Google Contest.

Aero Plane 2 Aeroplane 1 Aeroplane 3

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