July 2018

In the Month of July following topics were covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:



Making the rubber powered Aero Plane. The students made propeller with different materials tin and plastic and pasted it over wooden sticks of Balsawood and try flying the planes. It was a learning with great fun. The following materials were used:

  • The Body¬† skeleton (fuselage, wings and tail) was carved from Balsawood
  • Kite papers were use to make the wings and Tail
  • Tin, Plastic, Lollipop straw, bead were used to make propeller
  • The Safety Pins were used to make the hooks and the Rubber band was used to give the force for movement of Plane.
  • The Rubber band was winded to give it a force.



  • Closure, commutative, associative and Distributive properties of Rational numbers
  • Linear equation with one variable and plotting the graph of Linear Equations


  • Python Revise- Ghost game
  • Broad casting¬† Program in Scratch

Rational Number Properties Rubber powered Plane Propeller Design

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