August 2018

In the Month of August following topics were covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:

Fun with Mathematics:


  1. Linear Equations with algebraic Tiles. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of equation with one variable using colourful algebraic tiles.
  2. Congruence of Triangles. Paper cutting to show congruency. SAS, ASA and AAS congruency was proved. It was shown how SSA congruence is ambiguous and why AAA congruency cannot happen.
  3. Details of Activities: Quadrilaterals: Family of quadrilaterals, type of quadrilaterals, Sum of interior angles of polygon and Exterior angles of Polygons.
  4. Details of Activities: What is Square Root and tricks to find out


  1. Movie on Indian Scientists
  2. Movie on women scientists of India,
  3. Science tours showing different Institutes of India where research in different field of science are happening,
  4. Movie on Space Programs of India
  5. Movie on Cyclone.


  1. App Inventor- described IDLE, App controls, programs and database
  2. Python revision: version IDLE, Installer, Ghost game code and decode, Dice game, simple and complex commands, program to check valid email id, program to check date of Birth.

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