May 2018

In the Month of May, following topics were covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:

Junior Group:


The students learn about different types of Insect Specimens. The Presevered Specimens were studied and observed under the Microscope 

  1. Star Fish
  2. Mosquito
  3. Honey Bee
  4. Cockroach
  5. EarthWorm

Senior Group:

The Students are Making a rubber Powered Plane and also learning different concepts of Aero Modeling

  • Understanding and calculating center of gravity in aero modeling session. 

Movie of the Month:


  1. MySQL
    1. MySql: DDL commands, Add new column, Changes into existing columns. Add constraint (Foreign Key)
    2. Exercise on MySQL Queries
  2. Python
    1. Functions in  Python
  3. Scratch:
    1. Radio Game 


Aero Modeling 2 Aero Modeling 3 Earthworm-1 Making Aeroplane 1 Microscopic activity 2

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