April 2018

In the Month of April, following topics were covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:

Junior Group:


How Things Work Series : Students are making model of Ships

The ship models were completed

The children were taught the following in this:
1. Why a ship is streamlined
2. Fluid friction
3. Factors affecting fluid resistence
4. Principles of Buoyancy.
5 The formula of upthrust ; Upthrust = Volume X Density X Acceleration due to gravity.
6. Calculation of density of water and it’s comparision to density of other materials.
7. Concept of Force
8. Role of propeller in motion of ship
9. Suction and discharge of screw current
10. Port side and Starboard side of ship
11. Role of Rudder in movement
12: Center of Gravity, Center of Buoyancy and Center of Flotation.

Senior Group:

  1. Senior Students carried out activity to calculate the force of Friction.
  2. Rubber power aeroplane discussion and pre planning.

Movie of the Month:

Movie on different factors and elements in Water Cycle was shown. It was followed by a discussion:

  1. Atoms: Electron, proton, neutron, glucon.
  2. Why different games are played on different surfaces like surface for cricket, football, badminton all are separate.


  1. MS Sql :
  • DML Queries into MySQL: The Select Command
  • Programs by using Breack, Skipp and Continue Commands
  1. Scratch:
    1. Dice Game

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