March 2018

In the Month of March, following topics were covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:

Junior Group:


How Things Work Series : Students are making model of Ships


  • The Model will teach the different parts of Ships and their uses
  • Concept of Design in making things
  • Importance of Density, Shape, Symmetry in Designing
  • To learn Application of Archimedes Principle in Ship building
  • To learn How the ships move using Newton’s Law of motion

Senior Group:

  • Aero Modeling Aspect Ration and Wing Geometry
  • Co-efficient of Friction: To calculate Value of µ while calculating force of friction.
  • Radians: The relationship of the Radian of Circle and Degrees. How to convert Radians to Degrees and Degrees to Radians 

Movie of the Month:

Movie on different factors and elements in Water Cycle was shown. It was followed by a discussion:
1. Role of Hydrogen bonding during changes of different forms of water.
2. When Clouds go up in atmosphere, why they don’t escape in space. 


  1. Python:
    • Regular Expression: ‘Alternatives’ and ‘Anchors’
    • Regular Expression: ‘Special Syntax with Parentheses’
    • Search practices into xml file through Regular Expression
    • Introduction to database : Use of database, Database Software and Languages
    • Introduction to MySQL: DDL and DML, Where/How to write T_SQL Queries
  1. Scratch:
    • Creating Sound in Programs
    • Dice Game


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