December 2017

In the Month of December, following topics were covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:


Junior Group:

Data Handling:

Topic 4: Comparing the Five year Rainfall in Delhi with the Average

Topic 5: Plotting Wind Rose Diagram for percentage of Days the Wind blows from the different direction in Delhi.

Topic 6: Plotting Average Number of Days of Precipitation in every month and Wind Speed every month in Delhi.

All these were then pasted on a chart as Delhi’s Weather. Students learn how to plot different data, how to make scale of the data for Graphical representation and also the co-relationship between different weather aspect and how to interpret it.

Senior Group:

Topic 1: Science Videos : Thermodynamics and Different Processes of Thermodynamics. Explaining the Entropy and Experimenting with laws of Thermodynamics.

Topic 2: Mathematics Discussion on Introduction to Log

Topic 3: Data Analytics in Excel Covers the following Topics:

  1. Functions and Formulas
  2. Range: Union Intersect, Flash Fill, Name Range, Transpose, Comments
  3. Templates of Different type: Data Validation, Invoice making, Academic Calendar, Budget making

Movie of the Month: Life. Of Prof. Jagdish Chandra Bose


  1. Python:
    1. Inheritance, Method, Object and Operator Overloading
    2. Implementation: Using of getattr(), hasattr(), setattr(), Delattr()
    3. Implementation of ‘Built in Class Attributes: –dict–, –doc–, –name–, –module–, –base—
    4. Destroying Objects(Garbage Collection), Class Inheritance concept with Program
    5. Class Inheritance Syntax and  with Program
    6. Over riding Methods concept, Syntax with Program
    7. Base Overloading Methods, Overloading Operators concept, Syntax with Program
    8. Data Hiding concept, Syntax with Program


  1. Scratch:
    1. Game on Sound detection
    2. Dancing Balerina Program on


 Thermodynamics 2 Thermodynamics Weather Chart-1

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