October 2017

In the Month of October, following topics were Covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:


Junior Group:

It was an interesting session on study of Plants:

Topic 1: Leaf: Different parts of leaf were studied, Photosynthesis in leaf, margins of leaf, simple and compound leaves, Venation in leaf , role of different parts of leaves are studied and Explored.

Topic 2: Flowers: Their Parts have been explored, flowers role in reproduction is studied.

Topic 3: Roots, Different types of roots are studied: Tap root, Fibrous root, Creeping roots and adventitious roots. Children explored along of them and Cuscuta

Topic 4: Stem: Children explored difference in Woody stem and herbaceous stems; nodes, inter nodes and buds in stem; Studied part of trunk: Bark/Cork, Inner part of bark; role of cambium, pith, phloem and Xylem. Type of stems: stolon, tuber, bulbs, rhizome, volubilate. Use of stem for humans: logs, firewood, lumber, pulp, food source, fiber, medicine, latex, tannin and dye.

Topic 5: Seeds: Parts of seeds, how seeds spread and do reproduction, Angiosperm and gymnosperms; monocot and dicot seeds and their structure.

Topic 6: At the end, the students made a herbarium

1 2 3

4 5 67 810911

Senior Group:

Discussion 1: Coordinate Geometry: Concept Formulas and their use;

Discussion 2 : Trigonometry concepts and ratios



  1. Colloid: its types, emulsion, aerosols, hydrosols, smoke aerosols; cloud is an aerosol but mist is not; GEL; foam. Tnyndall effect and colloidal particles
  2. Solutions: Drinking water is a solution. Solubility of substances depend upon temperature; saturated solutions like honey; suspensions; Miscible and immiscible liquids. How hydrogen bombs are created; polar and non polar substances and Hydration.


  1. Python:
    1. -Reaction of EVENTs, Event Names, Mouse events program
    2. Reaction of EVENTs, Key events and Moving with keys program
    3. BUBBLE BLASTER game, Aim of the game, Created the Game window and the submarine, Controlling the submarine in BUBBLE BLASTER game, Get ready for bubbles in BUBBLE BLASTER game, Make the bubbles move and make bubbles pop in BUBBLE BLASTER game
  2. Scratch:
    1. Escape the dragon, Making things move and programs
    2. Costumes, Dancing Ballerina and Adding speech bubbles
    3. Size and effects, and Program


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