September  2017

In the Month of September, following topics were Covered in Discovery Science Center of Michigan Valley Education:


Junior Group:

Topic 1: Food: What is food, why we eat cooked food, Why food is important, What are main sources of Food, Three types of Food group: Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores. Food preparation process of Wheat, Honey and Ghee; Different part of Plants we eat as food,.

Topic 2: Components of Food: Carbohydrate, Fat, protein, Water, Vitamins and Minerals. What is the role of each in our body and Source of getting the component. Diseases and disorders due to deficiencies of Minerals and Vitamins. Pictures of the diseases were shown to the children.

Topic 3: Fibers to Fabrics: Type of Fibers –Natural and Artificial. Details of each types and their properties. Pictures were shown of the entire process of making of Fabrics from Fibers of different types.

Topic 4: Properties of Materials and Sorting them in Groups.

Topic 5: Methods of Separation of Solid from Solid, Solid from Liquid and Liquid from Liquid.

Topic 6: Changes Around us- Reversible and Irreversible, Types of Changes-Physical, Chemical and Biological.

Topic 7: Types of Plants: Shown Pictures of all types of plants. Use of Plants in form of Picture presentation, Process of Photosynthesis, What are the roles of different parts of plants, how reproduction in plants happen.

Topic 8: Water Cycle and Composition of Water on earth.

Topic 9:  What is Biology, Brief History , Divisions of Biology and Branches of Biology.



Topic 1: Solid Shapes: Making different types of Triangles and Quadrilaterals using Straws and Measuring their Angles and Length.

Topic2: Properties of Whole Number. Also explained why Zero divided by any number is infinity

Topic 3: Fractions: What is Fraction, what is mixed fraction, What is proper and improper fraction, why proper fraction is less than 1, Rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fraction.

Topic 4: Data Handling: What is data, how data is converted to information, why information is required for decision making. How do we represent data in different forms. What is pictorial representation, What is Range, How frequency is represented, When and Why Mean Median and Mode are used with examples. And how to present the data.

Topic 5: Angles: Hand Exercises were done by all children together to present angles: Acute, Obtuse, Right, Straight, Reflex, and Complete. Exterior angles, Interior angles, Complimentary Angles, Supplementary angles, Adjacent angles and their properties are studied.

Senior Group:

Discussion 1: What is Slope, How slope is represented and coordinates and slopes are discussed

Discussion 2 : What is Data Handling? How computers handle data and speed of data


  1. Google Contest Scratch Programming by all groups were finalized and uploaded.
  2. Python: Python GUI widgets and project on Student Registration
  3. Scratch: Discussion on Google Projects Learning.

 Making 2 D shapes 1

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